44 Blue is committed to incorporating our core values into our daily interactions and company culture as we…

strive for excellence

Through hard work and attention to detail, our dedication to authentic storytelling starts at a micro level with every project to achieve an unparalleled standard of excellence. We’re proud of our strengths, fearless about improving our weaknesses and want to be considered “best in class” in everything we do. 

promote inclusiveness

44 Blue’s mission is to tell stories that reflect the rich and diverse cultures of the world, in particular stories of underrepresented voices and communities.  We are committed to that same inclusiveness and diversity on our teams, so we can more accurately and authentically communicate these stories. 

inspire team spirit

We work together to recognize, celebrate and utilize every team member’s “super power” to “never say never.”  We do more with less in an imaginative and innovative way.  We always figure out a way to “Make it Work.”

champion authenticity

Rooted in our long history of authentic storytelling with shows such as The True Story of Black Hawk Down, LockUp, Strut and Nightwatch, 44 Blue encourages our team members to be true to themselves both as individuals and as documentary storytellers.

build trust

Through active listening, clear communication and respect for others, we build trust with each other and our partners.

encourage collaboration

Every individual is responsible for the success of 44 Blue. Our collaborative family atmosphere contributes to the company’s overall achievements.  We appreciate the collaboration with our partners to help us tell stories that have never been told.    We are strong believers that “1 + 1 = 3.”  

embrace community

We are committed to contributing to our community and demonstrating corporate social responsibility in our actions and through our storytelling.